Our Team are Awesome – Blog Update

Our Team are Awesome – Blog Update


This weeks blog post talks about the recent weather that we have had and how it has an impact on the business here is a snippet of the blog.

‘This morning the office team had a discussion about the current weather and how it had impacted on our business overnight.
Of course, I was involved in this whole-heartedly, never once looking over the manager’s head to the donuts that were placed just behind him. We love donut Friday in this office!’

‘In all honesty, though, the weather has been pretty extreme overnight. This morning it was minus 2 in my car! Schools in Plymouth have been closed, drivers were stranded at Holden Hill for hours with local pubs making up make shift beds to house cold and tired drivers for the night, trains have been cancelled and plenty of people have fallen on the icy pavement’s including our very own Marketing genius in the office.’

You can read the full blog post here: Recruitment, Care and a Toddler