New! Company lifestyle blog

New! Company lifestyle blog


One of our Recruitment Consultants has started a new blog called Recruitment Care and a Toddler. In her blog, she talks about all things to do with recruitment, care and life in general. So far she has completed 3 blog posts:

• ‘Dementia and a Donut’ – Talks about Dementia, Dementia friendly parking spaces and peoples understanding of Dementia.
• ‘Age is just a number right?!’ – Talks about how anything is possible no matter what age you are.
• ‘Balance, is that a Snickers in one hand and a Mars Bar in the other?’ – Talking about the balance of working life and home life.

In her blog she will be talking about Next Generation and the day to day activities at the organisation, these will come from her own point of view. Next Generation are really excited to be part of this blog and are looking forward to seeing how it develops.

If you would like to have a read of the blog you can view it here: Recruitment, Care and a Toddler The blog will be regularly updated with posts and current events.