Allied Healthcare saved by CRG

Allied Healthcare saved by CRG


Allied Healthcare which was on the verge of bankruptcy and was expected to cease operations by 30 November has been saved by the new owners CRG. Initially, The Care Quality Commission (CQC) had issued a warning to Allied Healthcare in November about its financial instability and notified 84 local authorities that the home care provider may not be able to continue operating. Allied Healthcare cares for 13,000 elderly and disabled people they are the largest provider of domiciliary care in the UK. CRG are a UK leader in the home care, healthcare, social care and education staffing sectors

Although the contracts will be transferred to the new owner the services will still continue under the widely recognised Allied Healthcare brand.   The chairman of the Health Care Resourcing Group has announced that they are intending to bring the care provider back to full strength but it will take time and the support of its stakeholders. This comes to light after   many local authorities have already taken steps to find new care providers.

(source: Guardian and BBC News )